Milestones Achieved

Like any pioneer, the Group has a number of FIRST’s to its credit:

Consider some of these FIRST’S by the SELVEL MEDIA GROUP :

  • Introduced standardized Billboard structures for advertising.
  • Introduced branding options on Highways
  • Introduced nation-wide “Outdoor” services.
  • Introduced branding surrounding airports.
  • Introduced branding within the airports
  • Introduced concept of point-of-purchase [POP] through billboards.
  • Introduced and created digital printing revolution in India.
  • Introduced backlit concept of billboards.
  • Introduced unipole concept of billboards.
  • Introduced tri-vision displays on billboards for advertising
  • Introduced neon sign concept for advertising.
  • Introduced LED display billboards for advertising.
  • Introduced branding at malls and multiplexes for advertising.
  • Introduced mobile branding for advertising.
  • Introduced street furniture concept for advertising.
  • Introduced dedicated bus services for public welfare along with branding.
  • Introduced public utilities for people welfare.
  • Introduced bus stations for branding.
  • Introduced bus terminals for branding.
  • Introduced traffic signals for public welfare and smooth flow of traffic.
  • Introduced bus shelters against branding.
  • Introduced pedestrian walk over bridges.
  • Introduced branding at railway stations and other Railway properties.
  • Introduced traffic booths and traffic police points for public welfare.

… and much much more.

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