The Selvel Media Group is the pioneer of outdoor and indoor advertising having an outdoor presence all across India. With 2.5 million sq. feet of Out-of-Home advertising space, monitored by Zonal Offices , 3 Regional Offices, and 18 Branch & Operational Offices, and enjoying over 70 years of experience and dedication to the industry, it is today one of India’s largest media asset company.

In keeping with emerging market trends The Selvel Media Group constantly upgrades their inventory to provide qualitative support to brand campaigns being released by various advertisers across India so as to give them a cutting edge over competition and justify the advertising spend of the client.

The Group delivers the latest and the best in out of home advertising with a single minded focus to create breath taking OOH in INDIA with maximum visibility which is at par with the best internationally. Today the Group offers premium locations and the newest forms of Billboards – Lit / Backlit or LED and other Out of Home quality products and more …

The Group is increasingly interacting with clients to plan their cost effective outdoor presence and increase brand recall and impact. The Group is also committed to investment in fundamental research on studies pertaining to OTS and Reach (Opportunity to see)

The Group also has an impressive list of prestigious clients with whom we have been associated, and with whom we share relationships equivalent to that of a “Business Partner” and “Associates”.

The Selvel Media Group is a specialist Out of home Media Group having spread their wings by bracing opportunities and shaping dreams. The Group continuously looking out and reaching out to add value to your brand and in turn changing the face of the Indian skies and changing dreams and keeping hopes alive !

Since 1944 the pioneering vision and dedicated efforts have created SELVEL. A service oriented approach through Out of Home advertising. Today, Selvel  carries forward the legacy of the man whose name adorns the “Hall of Fame” of Indian Advertising . Breath taking outdoors digitally printed advertisements and more  sets city scapes  ablaze … Lighting the power of imagination and believing anything is possible.

We truly “reach out of your home” to paint your dreams and hopes alive !!!

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